Sense: A New Technology That Can Change the Way You Sleep

Get better sleep by using this revolutionary device.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recognize the importance of sleep and its relevance to public health. According to their data collected by the agency, sleep insufficiency can be linked to motor vehicle crashes and industrial disasters. It can also result in medical and other occupational errors. In addition, the condition may also increase a person’s risk of chronic disorders such as depression, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and cancer. Unfortunately, about 50 to 70 million American adults are suffering from various sleep and wakefulness disorders.

Recognizing the vital role sleep plays in every person’s life, numerous devices have been developed and tested to improve the quality of sleep. However, while most of these devices merely track a person’s movement during his or her sleep, Sense provides users an insight on what’s going on in their surroundings during the time they toss and turn in their beds.

The Sense System: Does It Really Make Sense?

The Sense system includes a beautiful, glowing polycarbonate spherical alarm that monitors the conditions in your room while you sleep; a sensitive sleep tracking sensor (a small, disc-shaped plastic sleep pill which contains an accelerometer and gyroscope) that can be easily clipped onto your pillow; and mobile apps (for both Android and iOS devices) that can help you review the quality of your sleep and understand the factors that may be causing you to lose a good night’s sleep.

The Sense spherical alarm can play white noise (or other restful sounds such as calming rain or pink noise) if you think it can help you sleep better through the night, and will sound an alarm to help you wake up at the right point in your sleep cycle.

Aside from recording sudden noise, the device also contains sensors that measure ambient light, temperature and humidity in the room. It also measures the levels of particulates (dust and pollen) that may affect your quality of sleep.

The Sense system also comes with a tiny device called the Sleep Pill that monitors your every movement during your sleep. All of the information collected is then sent wirelessly to the Sense app which then analyzes your sleep and gives it a corresponding Sleep Score.

By helping you understand what prevents you from getting a good night’s sleep, the makers of this device hope that you will finally be able to address these factors so you can start enjoying a full night’s sleep and wake up feeling great every day.