Sen. Sanders Names Cornel West to DNC Platform Committee

Bernie SandersIn what can be construed as a concession from the Democratic National Committee, Sen. Bernie Sanders was allowed to name five members to the DNC platform committee.? Most prominent among his selections on Tuesday is Dr. Cornel West, who has been on the campaign trail for Sanders since the inception of the run.? A prolific author, West is on the faculty at Union Theological Seminary, and in the past has supported Bill Bradley and Barack Obama for president.???
Also selected was Jim Zogby, a longtime advocate for Palestinian rights.? He currently co-chairs the DNC resolutions committee.? Others include, Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota, a noted Muslim; Bill McKibben, an environmental activist; and Deborah Parker, a Native American activist.

Some familiar with the Sanders team envisioned Nina Turner as a possible selection.? A former state senator from Ohio, she had been practically the media face for the campaign with numerous appearances on television and radio.

But Ohio and Black women didn?t get shut out of 15-member committee.? Hillary Clinton, with six picks for the committee, chose Alicia Reece, a state representative from Ohio.? A wise choice because Ohio is a key swing state and Clinton has been in a virtual time with Donald Trump in the polls.
Danny Glover and State Senator Bill Perkins of New York were also names bandied about to be on the committee.
?We?re pleased that the upcoming Democratic convention will ensure supporters of Senator Sanders are well represented in the drafting of the party?s platform,? Clinton spokesman Brian Fallon told the press. ?The Democratic Party historically has been a big tent, representing a diverse coalition, and Hillary Clinton is committed to continue welcoming different perspectives and ideas.?