Save Money: Get All the Help that You Need with HelloWallet

money saving app, money app, save moneyCan an app help you manage your money? Yes, it can!

According to the results of a survey conducted by Ally Bank, an online banking service based in Detroit, Michigan, a greater sense of wellbeing can be achieved from saving money as compared to earning a bigger paycheck and splurging on big purchases. So, if you want to improve your financial security and gain more happiness along the way, you may need to start saving more for your future. If this sounds easier said than done, then you should consider using HelloWallet, a nifty app that can help you save money and bring you a step closer to your financial goals.

What is HelloWallet?

Basically, HelloWallet is an app designed to help you manage and organize your money. It will help you keep track of your expenses and let you see where your paychecks go. By pulling up your account online, you will readily see all of your accounts, recent transactions and budget summary so you can easily determine where you need to trim your spending to be able to reach your financial goals.?

Aside from creating a personal budget and tracking your expenses, HelloWallet can also help you reduce your healthcare costs, tax liabilities, interest rates and other fees to further reduce your spending while increasing the amount you contribute to your 401(k) plan. In addition, the app also features useful alerts and reminders so you don’t have to log on to your account often.

If you are interested in building a strong financial foundation for you and your family, you may want to purchase a HelloWallet subscription or ask your employer to provide the software to you and your colleagues, if they still haven’t done so. Some of the companies and organizations that now provide HelloWallet subscriptions to their employees include Rice University, University of Denver, United Technologies Corporation, The HJ Heinz Company and The Children’s Place, to name a few.

So, why do companies decide to provide HelloWallet to their employees? By providing HelloWallet to their people, employers can determine whether their rewards program meets the needs of their employees. It can help employers determine whether their existing compensation plan is enough to retain their best talent and help them gain a better insight into the real needs of their employees, determine their retirement readiness and gauge the performance of their health and tax benefits.?

Summing it up, HelloWallet can help pave the way for a better financial future. It is about time you start thinking about it.