Samsung Galaxy S4: Will It Live Up to Its Name?

samsung galaxy s4, samsung smartphonesWhat can you expect from the new Samsung Galaxy S4? Read this!

With the way things are going, it is definitely safe to assume that Samsung is taking a definite lead in the Android world. Remember how the world waited in anticipation for the unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy S2 and S3? Well, the same thing is expected with the release of Samsung Galaxy S4 sometime next year. So, can the Samsung Galaxy S4 live up to its name and surpass the successes achieved by the previous lines? To answer these questions, let us take a closer look at what it may have to offer.

Samsung Galaxy S4: Possible Features and Release Date
While Samsung will definitely keep things hushed before it unveiled the much awaited Galaxy S4 sometime between February and May 2013, there are already a lot of speculations on how it would probably look like. Rumors have it that the new Galaxy S4 will feature a thinner body, a larger display, a faster processor and longer battery life. The S4 will most likely run on an Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie and will feature a 13 MP camera as well.
Galaxy S4 is predicted to have a 4.99″ to 5.0″ AMOLED display featuring a 1080p resolution and a 441 PPI count. Some people are also expecting that this line will have an unbreakable display but it is highly unlikely that this feature will be incorporated in the S4 design.
To keep up with its competitors, Samsung will most likely improve the device’s camera. Rumors have it that the S4 will have a 13 MP camera to up its performance in the camera department.
There is also sufficient evidence that the S4 will use a faster quad-core processor. Samsung recently released an Exynos 5440-powered Galaxy Note 2 and it is highly probable that it will use the same processor in the Galaxy S4. And while the S3 runs on a fantastic version of Android (the Android 4 Jelly Bean), the S4 is expected to trump it with the yet to be released Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie.
A lot of people are also predicting that Samsung will improve the S4’s battery life by bumping its size up a notch. So, will it have a thinner and lighter design as compared to the Galaxy S3? Well, it most probably will. Samsung will definitely keep the device skinny despite using a bigger battery. However, don’t expect Samsung to deviate too far from the design of its predecessor, which was, after all, a great hit.
So, do you think the Samsung Galaxy S4 may be worth the wait? Let’s wait and see.