Salesforce Debuts Health Cloud

SALEIt?s undeniable that Salesforce, the San Francisco software company, has transformed how companies in industries as diverse as financial services and higher education manage their customer relationships. Now it?s bringing its cloud-based technology to the world of healthcare.

Salesforce ?CRM 0.18% ?announced on Wednesday a new patient relationship management platform that it calls Salesforce Health Cloud. The product is part of the company?s new push to change how doctors and healthcare providers effectively manage the health of patients across caregiver networks.

Salesforce Health Cloud combines data from multiple sources?electronic medical records, medical devices, even wearables?into a single location. The idea? By having all the information in one place, health workers will have a more complete view of the patient and, in turn, be able to make smarter care decisions, intervene earlier if issues arise, and collect data along the way for effective treatments. The software also puts that information in the hands of the patient through mobile applications.

?What gets measured, gets improved,? says Joshua Newman, doctor and chief medical officer for Salesforce?s Healthcare and Life Sciences division. ?With everything in one place, now you can see what really affects outcomes. Is it a phone call? A text message? We haven?t had that data before. The things that every business in America thinks about every single day that have never been in healthcare before and are now being brought in by demand.?

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