Safety Tips for Solo Female Travelers

female travel, female traveler, solo female travel, solo female travelerTraveling alone can be an incredible experience, but women should take precautions

For women, traveling alone brings both challenges and joys. The experience can be extraordinary, and many solo female travelers feel an incredible sense of possibility and freedom. However, there are also challenges, like safety, that make traveling alone seem daunting. Don’t let fear stand between you and the world; instead, follow these tips for female travelers and pack your bags!?

Know the Culture?

Before you go, familiarize yourself with the culture of your destination. Pay particular attention to the local dress code. In some parts of the world, it is offensive for women to wear bathing suits, short skirts, bare shoulders or shorts. When in doubt, dress conservatively. Take a cue from the locals and leave these potentially scandalous items at home.?

Research body language as well. You may think a smile, handshake or moment of eye contact is just plain friendly, but locals in your host country may construe your actions as come-ons. Understand the subtleties of local body language before you arrive to prevent misleading or awkward situations.?

Arrive During the Day?

Areas around train and bus stations can be deserted or just plain scary after the sun sets, and small towns tend to close up shop early. Plan your arrival during daytime so you can find accommodations and get your bearings before nightfall.?

Exercise Hotel Safety?

Use your first initial instead of your name on guest registration forms and ask the clerk to write down your room number instead of announcing out loud in the lobby. This will stop other visitors from knowing where they can find you later.?

Keep Your Documents Safe?

Keep purse-snatchers at bay by wearing a bag with a strap that crosses over your chest. Leave copies of your credit cards, passport and other important documents in a secure and separate location. If your hotel doesn’t have a safe, stow a copy of your passport under the insoles of your shoes.

Buddy Up

There is nothing wrong with traveling solo, but sometimes it is safer to be with a group. If you feel uncomfortable at a tourist attraction, bar or other location, make friends with a group of other women or a family. People all over the world are welcoming to tourists and will likely be delighted to make a new friend. You’ll get the chance to mingle with locals while increasing your safety.?