Sabrina Tucker Barrett

Sabrina Tucker Barrett, founder, president & CEO, Girls for Technology

Sabrina Tucker Barrett
Founder, President & CEO
Girls for Technology
Hartford, Conn.
Age: 37

Sabrina Tucker-Barrett?s interest in technology began when she saw how technological innovation was changing the world. ?I saw the opportunities that it presented for underserved and marginalized youth to be creators of goods, not just consumers,? she says. Tucker-Barrett launched a nonprofit, Girls for Technology in 2015. ?Being able to expand educational opportunities in STEM is a huge component of access and inclusivity for all students,? she notes, citing lack of confidence as the main reason why girls avoid STEM. ?They feel as if they don?t belong in male-dominated settings,? she observes. She aims to change this through GFT. ?When a young girl tells you she obtained an internship at a tech company, or a spot at Google?s summer camp, it all falls into perspective, and I know that all the hard work and late nights are worth it,? she states.

Tucker-Barrett was invited to the Obama administration?s White House Council on Women & Girls in recognition of her work on inclusiveness in tech. Her big challenge now is the lack of an administrative team to help with the day-to-day operations for scaling her organization. She affirms, however, ?perseverance is key when the future may not seem so bright.?

A member of the National Center for Women & Information Technology?s advisory committee and a board member of Innovations Places, Tucker-Barrett visualizes establishing an all-girls, public boarding school that would provide quality education, a curriculum that includes STEM and entrepreneurship training?, and preparation for college and beyond. ?Our model would focus on their social and emotional needs,? she says, ?and would be equipped to prepare them for college and beyond.? Tucker-Barrett holds a bachelor?s degree in healthcare administration from Charter Oak State College in New Britain, Conn.


Favorite singer: Whitney Houston
Last charity: Girls for Technology
Favorite author: Terry McMillan