Running Your Business from a Smartphone

business apps, smartphone apps, business smartphone appsThese apps can help you set a budget, manage your expenses, communicate with clients and more.

The office is overrated. Instead of slaving away in a cubicle all day, run your business from your smartphone using these apps.?


Available for both Android and iPhone devices, Quickbooks offers cloud accounting solutions to over 1.3 million customers around the world. It is a pain-free way to manage your money, do your taxes and import from your bank.?


This innovative app lets you accept credit cards from a device that attaches directly to your smartphone. The funds are deposited into your bank account the next day, and the app has its own wallet feature that allows you to securely pay for goods and services using just your phone.?

Instead of spending hours pouring over your budget and analyzing receipts, let organize and categorize your spending for you. It clearly shows where your money is going so you can make educated money decisions, track your goals and set a budget.?

Documents to Go?

This all-in-one app supports PDF files, Microsoft Word files, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoints and more. It can even synchronize with your desktop applications to make storing, loading and sharing your files easier than ever with a smartphone.?


Use this app to sync to the cloud and share nearly anything with other users. Great for taking notes, sharing webpages, organizing information and more, the app is like having a virtual office on your smartphone.?


This ingenious app multitasks so you don’t have to. Billed as a ?personal database,? the app has a variety of templates that makes tracking and managing business-related items easy. Use it to manage your inventory, items sold, invoices, expenses and more.?


This free app syncs with your Google Calendar and Google Task, and features reminders, subtask features and color-coding options so you never miss an important meeting or deadline.?


Compatible with both Numbers and Excel, Spreadsheet allows you to create and edit spreadsheets effortlessly. It also lets you add cell types, formulas, cell formatting, text wrapping and functions to your sheets.?


A virtual punch card, this iPhone app lets you ?punch in? when you begin tackling a project and ?punch out? when you are done. It makes it easy to track your time for multiple clients and projects, and it even creates Excel-compatible reports you can send to clients.?

What apps make running your business easier? Share your top picks with our readers in the comments below!