Rules of Smartphone Etiquette

smartphones, use smartphones, using smartphonesSmartphones are everywhere, but that does not mean you can use yours in public without considering others.

Smartphones are everywhere, but that does not mean you can use yours in public without considering others. Follow these tips to use your smartphone politely and keep your communications civilized.?

Ask Permission

Snapping photos with your smartphone is fun, but not everyone wants to be tagged in your latest Facebook post or altered on Instagram. Before you turn into the paparazzi, ask permission and use discretion.?

Stop Shouting!

Cell phone technology has drastically improved in the last two decades, and coverage is great in most places. You can usually walk down a busy street and still hear the person on the other end of your phone call above the sirens, traffic and sounds of the city. For some reason though, people tend to shout more than talk on their smartphones. Be aware of the volume of your own voice and speak quietly to avoid coming off like an intensive, obnoxious jerk.?


All smartphones come with auto-correct, spell-check and grammar-check, so why are so many emails and text messages sent from them riddled with typos? Use these tools and proofread your communications before hitting ?send? to leave a good impression and show people they are worth your effort and time. If you are over sixteen years old, stop the ?text speak? and type in full words and sentences.?

Find the Off Switch?

Being connected is great, but everyone needs to unplug every once in awhile. Turn your phone off to engage with friends and family, let your brain relax without the constant stimulation and enjoy being free from the pressures of constant response.?

Your Phone is Not a Jukebox

It’s awesome that you can carry music to listen to when you have free time, but no one is interested in your? personal taste in music. Use your earphones when jamming instead of blasting your tunes in public.?

Get a Watch?

If you pick up your phone to check the time, chances are you will spend the next twenty minutes checking messages, logging into Pinterest, downloading a new app or playing a quick game of Angry Birds. All you meant to do was check the time, but your smartphone sucked you in. Avoid this trap by investing in an actual watch that does nothing more than tell the time.?