Roberto Cavalli trades pleats for tweets

NEW YORK (AP) ? After 42 years in the fashion industry, designer Roberto Cavalli is finding new ways to build his brand ? in bursts of 140 characters or less. The 71-year-old recently began tweeting and blogging daily in his own irreverent, stream-of-consciousness way.

“I would like to make love, I wish a beautiful girl would knock on the door,” he recently tweeted.

The Italian designer with a penchant for animal prints also blogs about his daily happenings and includes photos of his travels and beloved German shepherd puppy, Lupo.

“I discovered new way to make blog because I want to make my blog like a reality show,” he said in a recent interview.

Every post ends with “I love you,” and he does indeed seem to love his followers. In a recent video blog, he sits casually in front of his computer praising every person who has left him a comment or question.

Now Cavalli is employing his newfound army of online fans to help spread the word about his latest creation ? the Roberto Cavalli fragrance.

“For us it was important it was sexy, it was feline, it was romantic, and strong in the same way,” said Cavalli’s wife and business partner, Eva, of their perfume collaboration with Coty.

Though Cavalli is embracing new technology, he acknowledges that it has its limitations.

“Twitter is too short. It’s too short. I’m Italian. I like to speak,” he said.


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