Reverend Jesse Jackson Announces Dates and Agenda for 2016 Wall Street Project Economic Summit

Jesse JacksonNext month?s 19th annual Wall Street Project Economic Summit, organized by Reverend Jesse Jackson?s Rainbow PUSH Coalition, is expected to bring together thousands of industry leaders who will explore issues vital to economic progress in African American communities.?

?The Wall Street Project is not an end in itself or a means to an end, but an evolutionary process. The road to shared economic security travels through two-way trade, where all are included and none is left behind. Just as America did not realize how good professional sports could be until athletes of all colors could play, American business will not maximize its growth potential until all businesses have an equal opportunity to compete on an even playing field, where the rules are public and the goals are clear. That is the goal of the Wall Street project,? says Reverend Jackson.???

Jackson, who founded the Project in 1993 along with the Citizenship Educational Fund, says it “encourages corporate America to recognize the value that minority entrepreneurs, vendors and consumers bring to the marketplace.” ?

Like last year?s packed event that focused on diversity in technology and garnered a $500,000 pledge by Intel, this year?s event, which will take place from February 16 through February 18 at the Sheraton Times Square in NY, will not disappoint either.

Below is a sampling of just a few of the panel discussions planned so far:

?- 2016 Ministers Roundatable: Saving Our Homes, Stabilizing Our Communities, and Expanding the Vision of the 21st Century Church

?- Diverse Managers: Developing Equal Partnerships

?- Socially Impactful Investing

?- Historically Black Colleges and Universities: Reconnecting and Sustaining Relationships with Wall Street

?- Wall Street Project PUSH Tech 2020? ?

?- Real Estate Red-Lining: Cruel Practice Returns with a Vengeance and What Must Be Done to Stop It

?- Healthcare: Disparities and Economic Implications

?- Corporate Board Diversity: Expanding African-American Board Leadership ?

?- International Investment Forum: Global Economics Expansion Opportunities (TNJ Executive Editor Rosalind McLymont will be featured as one of the panelists)

The complete list can be found on the Rainbow PUSH website.

Among this year’s speakers, just to name a few, are New York Mayor Bill de Blasio; Dr. Calvin O. Butts III; John Rogers of Ariel Investments; John Thompson, chairman of Microsoft; Kurt Summers, Treasurer for the City of Chicago; and Suzanne Shank, president and CEO, Siebert Brandford Shank & Company. ?

And as a special treat, Philip Bailey of the legendary musical group Earth, Wind & Fire will perform.