Revamp Your Job Search to Land a Job in 2014

Improve your chances of getting hired by following these simple tips.

The job market
is undoubtedly getting more competitive by the minute. With close to 11 million
Americans currently unemployed, you really need to be more creative and think
about revamping your
job search strategy to land a job.
You need to think outside the box to stand well above the competition and get
noticed by prospective employers. If you think this is easier said than done
considering the tight competition, then here are some tips that can help you
snag a job.

7 Tips to Revamp Your Job Search

Know what you want. Before you update your resume and starting
your job search, you need to sit down and

think about
what you really want.

Invest in training. You can significantly improve
your chances of landing a job you want by brushing up on your skills so invest
in training or take a class to resolve the situation.

Position yourself as a unique job candidate. Just because
one interview tactic worked great for someone doesn’t mean that it will work
for you, too. Remember, job search is a very personal experience so use your
own experiences and career aspirations to impress your prospective employer.

Job-proof your social media profiles. Showcase your
professional accomplishments and don’t post anything that may hurt your chances
of landing a new job. Remember, there is a great possibility that your
prospective employers will Google you and/or use social media to know more
about you during the hiring process. In fact, according to Jobvite?s Social
Recruiting Survey 2012, about
92% of US companies routinely
use social media
to find the best candidates
for the job
. So, start
editing your posts and photos to make sure your future employer doesn’t see
anything that may ruin your chances of getting hired.

Cast a wider net. Inform family, friends and
professional contacts that you are actively looking for a job, and let them
know about your skills and the type of job that interests you. You should also
consider using social media to uncover job opportunities and network with your
peers to further increase your chances of landing a job.

Ditch preconceived notions. Don’t let job titles deceive
you. There may be positions that may seem boring and limiting at the moment but
offer excellent opportunities several years down the line.

Don’t promise more than you can deliver. Be honest.
Don’t shoot for the stars if you don’t have the skills and the necessary
qualifications required for the position.

Keep these tips
in mind since these can definitely help improve your chances of landing a job.
Good luck!