Retail Stores To Open On Thanksgiving

ShoppersThis year shoppers across the nation will not have to wait until Black Friday to go shopping for the holidays. Many stores including Target, Macy?s, Gap, Kohl?s, Toys ?R? Us, and Best Buy will all be opening at midnight or earlier on Thanksgiving day. The goal for these major retailers is to optimize their profits for the traditional shopping snafu that occurs every year after Thanksgiving. According to the National Retail Federation, this move may increase holiday sales by 2.8 percent which is about half as much as last year.

While this may greatly benefit the owners of these large companies, many of the employees are against having to work on a national holiday. Some, like the Target employees in Omaha, Nebraska, have begun a petition on to generate support and attention to a company action that they believe is unfair.? Although this protest has been based around Target, the store is only one of many that have taken part in this new tradition that has occurred over the past few years. Experts say the crowd that is most likely to shop at midnight on Thanksgiving is the 18-24 year old age group.

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