Resume Whisperer Juanita Hines Reveals a Few Tips

Juanita HinesJuanita Hines has been called the “Resume Whisperer” due to her ability to help craft the new perfect resume for her clients.? Founder of Regional Consulting, which she launched in 2006, Hines and her team offer ?Empowerment Sessions? to small businesses and hiring managers, providing insight from a former recruiter that has hired and placed individuals on all levels of the employment spectrum.

Hines has worked with individuals within Fortune 500, non-profit and independent companies across vast professional sectors. Clients have included BearingPoint, Booz/Allen/Hamilton, Society of Human Resources Management, KPMG and The United Negro College Fund, among other international corporations.

?As someone who has had first-hand experience with the frustration of knowing that you?re the perfect candidate but unable to get a foot in the door, I came to understand the vital importance of having an effective resume,? says Hines.

And through her experience she has learned what the three biggest mistakes are that people make on their resumes. ?People, often times, provide a regurgitation of their resume–listing all of the duties they have done within all of their jobs and they leave it up to the recruiter to identify the information that makes them a fit. They don’t play up their strengths and they don’t use keywords effectively,? says says. ?Usually by the time people begin searching for positions and updating their resumes, they are in desperate need of finding another job and they want to get as many resumes out as quickly as possible.?

Since employers only spend a few seconds with each resume, you need to make yours stand out. ?To stand out, try this method: Perhaps you?re a great salesperson with 10 years of experience. It’s the same as saying that you ?Solicited new customer accounts through cold calling and cultivated mutually beneficial partnerships, resulting in $620,000 quarterly revenue.? This says, let?s talk now!? explains Hines.

In addition to her consulting work, Hines also does a lot of speaking engagements. ?Initially, I began speaking as a volunteer almost nine and a half years ago when I started my company, Regional Consulting; I would go to youth camps and schools and work with other non-profit organizations to help students start thinking about their futures and equip professionals with insight on how to elevate their careers,? she says.