Responses to debt deal range from angry to angrier

LOS ANGELES (AP) ? From the right and center: mild disgust. From the left: outright anger.

Americans showed a range of emotions and responses to the debt-limit deal President Barack Obama and top leaders of Congress struck Sunday, but nearly none of them were positive. Except perhaps relief that it’s finally over.

Phil Waters, a 60-year-old helicopter mechanic sitting in a bar in Anchorage, Alaska, gave a common reply when he said “it never should have gotten this far out of hand.”

Waters, who called himself “an almost Libertarian conservative,” says he would have liked to see a lot more cuts.

But 35-year-old Kiran Mahto of Portland, Ore., who volunteered for Obama’s campaign in 2008, says the president’s concessions to Congressional Republicans went too far, and he is “actively opposed to this president now.”