The Republican Primary is Highlighting Racial Divisions in South Carolina

SC votersWednesday’s edition of The Guardian features an article calling attention to the political and racial divide amongst voters in South Carolina. The state, which has an extremely troubled past in regard to race relations, is being further separated by recent comments from some of the Republican candidates. Both Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum have made remarks that many view as negative toward African Americans.

The Guardian’s Chris McGreal discusses how some South Carolina residents see the remarks as attempts to convince poor white people that African Americans are abusing the welfare system and are therefore inadvertently the cause of their impoverished living conditions.

On the heels of the Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration and with the primary fast approaching, African Americans are feeling that racism is far from lessening in their state. The majority are choosing not to participate in the state’s primary election and many are expected to vote for President Barack Obama in November.

The state’s few black Republicans are working to change these negative perceptions of the Republican candidates. Edward Cousar, head of the Black Republican PAC, knows that it will be “a long process” to win over African American voters, but they are working diligently with the hope of doing so.

Most residents agree that whether or not the intention is meant to divide black and white voters, the Republicans’ comments are widening the existing separation after each debate.

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