Renetta McCann

Renetta McCann
Chief Talent Officer
Leo Burnett
Chicago, IL

Renetta McCann has a knack for seeing an opportunity on the horizon and placing herself in its path. ?The best example was in 1998, when I thought our company was on the verge of going in a new direction. I met with both of my bosses and raised my hand letting them know I was interested in contributing in new ways. Within six months, I was made the managing director of a new entity, Starcom Chicago. That role put me on the path to becoming a CEO down the road,? she recounts.

McCann is now the chief talent officer at Leo Burnett, a Publicis Groupe company that counts some of the world?s most recognizable brands as its clients. She heads the agency?s People & Culture department, overseeing U.S. recruitment, training, benefits and talent management. ?I strive to ensure that the company retains, attracts and arms the best and brightest minds in business today,? she says. McCann is recognized globally for building brands and the organizations and leadership to sustain them. She uses her position and influence to champion women and the development of minorities in the advertising industry, devoting time to such organizations as Viva Women, the Publicis Groupe internal women?s network; and No.2Six6, an organization launched in 2013 to advance the hiring rate of minorities in advertising. Her work in and outside the office has earned her acclaim by major industry associations and leading publications.

McCann holds a bachelor?s degree in speech and a master?s in Learning and Organizational Change from Northwestern University, where she joined the adjunct faculty this year. ?Even with the very successful career I?ve had, I think I have more to contribute (and learn). It?s a way of using and sharing all of my experiences for the benefit of the next generation,? she says