Regift or Not to Regift: The Right Way to Recycle Presents

Re-Gifting  It’s a well-known secret: People regift. In fact, a October 2011 survey by home fashion retailer HomeGoods found that more than half of the 1,000-plus respondents had regifted, 65% suspected they had received a regift and more than one-third were repeat regifters. There’s even a National Regifting Day, started by (which was launched by Money Management International in 2006). It falls on the third Thursday of December.?

But there is a proper way to regift. ?Let?s face it, regifting is never the ideal situation. If it were, we wouldn’t still be debating it, and we wouldn’t feel that tiny tinge of guilt we all feel, no matter how small it may be. But it is something that we’ve all done (or at least thought about) and with that in mind, here are a few tips on how to do it right,? notes Briana Miriani, small business owner of online gift boutique, The Merci.

How to Regift

??? ???? Regifting etiquette: The item must be new, unopened and unused. Make sure to give to someone who doesn?t know the original gifter. Definitely be careful not to regift to the person who gave it you. Don?t regift if your aunt expects to see you in that sweater she gave you at the next family gathering.
??? ???? Add on and regift: If you want to regift a present, add an extra item. ?Make it part of a set. Regifting those scented soaps whose scent just isn’t your style? Pair it up with a nice soap dish and hand towel, making it mostly not a regift at all,? suggest Miriani.
??? ???? Perfect for someone else: Been given a present that you think is just ideal for a friend? Regift. ?Give it because they?ll like it,? says Miriani.
??? ???? Return or resell: You can take it back to the store if you know where it was purchased or sell the item online at sites such as EBay or Craig’s List.
??? ???? Regift via donation: ?If you just can?t find the perfect recipient?but you still don?t need those crazy quilt socks taking up space in your drawer, consider donating to your local charitable thrift store, where your gift is sure to find the perfect home while doing good along the way,? offers Miriani.