REEL Girl Films Abroad

Reel Girl Films in ItalyThis year Director Dominga Martin was chosen as the only Brooklyn filmmaker to participate in CinemadaMare- an annual film festival where filmmakers from all over the world collaborate on short films while traveling throughout Italy.

For two and a half months Martin will also be shooting the first volume of her docu-series “Diary of a Reel Girl” which will be a documentary of the making of all the projects that she develops and produces. These projects? include the short films?that she shoots on location in Italy during the CinemadaMare festival and will continue on as “Diary of a Reel Girl” Volume 2 which will show the making of her first feature film “My First Loves.”

“I hope to give aspiring filmmakers an inside look at what it takes to be a filmmaker before the red carpet. It’s important that people see that it is hard work… at the same time, I want to show people that at the end of the day, this is a job and I am a real girl having an extraordinary experience as a director,” said Martin.

Before becoming a filmmaker and forming House of Ming- a boutique motion picture company based in Brooklyn, NY- Martin worked in a number of roles within the entertainment industry. Among?her other credentials Martin has worked as a VJ for Atlanta’s video show “In the Mixx,” she has been a journalist for a number of well-known publications including Vibe and Essence and she has worked in most departments of film production before becoming a director. In fact it was while Martin was?working in one of these very positions?that?she?realized her true calling.

“I was hired as a production assistant in 2000 for an independent film and the moment I stepped on set I knew it was where I belonged,” said Martin.

Although she is no stranger to traditional education having studied radio, tv, film and journalism at Clark Atlanta University,? Martin believes that she has gained the bulk of her knowledge?in filmmaking from hands-on experience.

During what she has identified as the most memorable?instance thus far?while shooting Diary of a Reel Girl, Martin was able to gain some very unique hands-on experience and even get her hands a little dirty. While filming during CinemadaMare Martin directed a short film entitled “La Madrina” AKA “The Godmother” without the help of a director of photography. The film is about a young girl who takes over as the head of her mafia family.? It was her first non-English film and she actually?had to make fake blood on her own.

“It was a huge challenge and I was extremely nervous… but I pulled it off and it was very empowering for me as a director,” admitted Martin.

After CinemadaMare concludes Martin will return to Brooklyn and begin work on her first feature film “My First Loves” which is a romantic comedy about a young woman who gets cold feet before her wedding day.

“My First Loves” is a sexy film with a lot of style and a lot of wit and I can’t wait to go into production!” said Martin.

Martin’s “Diary of a Reel Girl” has already gained sponsorship from some well-known “real girl” brands including Miss Jessie’s curly hair brand, The National Coalition of 100 Black Women Manhattan Chapter and the ladies of Les Nubians who are providing original music for the series.