Reduce Mental Clutter with These Tips

De-Stress and?Relax Your Mind Relax Your Mind with These Tips?

Having a full, busy life is a great thing, but sometimes, work, family, personal interests and friends can feel overwhelming. If your mind is constantly running, even during periods of relative quiet, like when you are driving to work or laying in bed at night, you may be experiencing stress and anxiety that takes the joy out of small moments that come along in life.?

Follow these tips to de-clutter, de-stress and?clear your mind. None of them are quick fixes, and they all take a bit of practice, but if you incorporate them into your regular routine, you’ll find peace and quiet that will bring you joy.?

Take a Walk?

Next time you are feeling overwhelmed, take a walk outside. Instead of pondering your problems or thinking about your to-do list with each step, make an effort to focus on your surroundings. Feel the earth under your feet, listen to the birds singing their songs, and stop to smell the roses.?

Have a Good Cuddle?

Close physical contact releases hormones in the brain that elevate your mood, reduce stress and make you feel good. Get this mental boost by snuggling up with a loved one or pet.?

Get It All Out on Paper?

When you are frustrated, write out your thoughts ? uncensored ? on paper. Just let the words flow without thinking about each word you write down. The simple act of writing may make you feel relieved so you don’t even have to go back and read your vent, but reading it back at a later time might help illuminate a part of the issue that you didn’t think about before.?

Indulge in a Hobby

Make space in your busy schedule for something that’s just for you ? something that ignites your spirit. It might be scrawling out poetry in a journal, working your body through yoga or painting landscapes. Whatever it is that makes you smile, make time for it, and your mind will go from scattered to focused when you are doing it.?

Try Something New?

New experiences force you to stay in the moment with an alert mind. Instead of dwelling on issues, try something new to put your mind in the present moment. If you’ve never sung karaoke before, sign up to belt out your favorite tunes this weekend. If you are looking for a bit more adventure, go bungee jumping. You won’t be thinking about the stress in your life on the way down, and the adrenaline rush after will keep you going for days.?