Recalls this week: pressure washers, lamps

    If it’s not too hot outside you may be tinkering in your yard, but be careful. A product that do-it-yourselfers use to clean surfaces such as patios, decks and driveways has been recalled because of a safety risk. A nozzle and spray bar on attachments to Homelite surface cleaners could come off, possibly breaking a plastic housing, and hitting someone using the device. Other recalls this week involve children’s lamps, and ski helmets.

    Here’s a closer look:


    DETAILS: Homelite surface cleaner attachments manufactured by Homelite Consumer Products Inc. of Anderson, S.C., and sold exclusively at Home Depot stores nationwide from February 2010 through June 2011. The surface cleaner attachments were manufactured in China. They were sold separately, and with Homelite pressure washers, used to clean flat surfaces such as decks, patios and driveways.

    WHY: The surface cleaner attachment’s nozzle and spray bar can break and detach, striking and possibly breaking the plastic housing. A broken nozzle, spray bar or housing could strike someone using the washer, possibly causing cuts.

    INCIDENTS: Nine reports of incidents involving the attachments, including one laceration injury and three reports of minor property damage.

    HOW MANY: About 40,000

    FOR MORE: Call 800-867-9624; visit or .



    DETAILS: Circo children’s task lamps imported by Minneapolis-based Target Corp. and sold exclusively at Target stores nationwide and from January to April 2011. The desktop lamps were manufactured in China.

    WHY: The lamps may overheat, causing the adhesive inside the lamp socket to melt and move into the bulb area. The cooled glue can adhere to the light bulb base and make the bulb difficult to remove, which can result in a broken light bulb and poses a risk of laceration. Melted flammable glue that seeps onto the electrical components of the lamp poses a risk of fire.

    INCIDENTS: Six reports of glue on the lamp socket melting and migrating into the bulb area of the socket. No injuries reported.

    HOW MANY: About 13,000

    FOR MORE: Call 800-440-0680; visit or .



    DETAILS: Uvex Funride ski helmets imported by Uvex Sports of Cranston, R.I., and Swix Sport USA of Haverhill, Mass. The helmets were sold at independent ski shops and ski rental stores nationwide from January 2009 to April 2011. The helmets were manufactured in China.

    WHY: The helmet provides insufficient shock absorption and resistance to penetration, which could lead to a head injury.

    INCIDENTS: None reported. The potential hazard was discovered after quality-control testing by Uvex Sports.

    HOW MANY: About 800

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