REBIRTH! 2012: Harlem Renaissance Meets Digital Renaissance

This event, which attracts 250+ attendees, is designed to honor the contributions made to society by African Americans and commemorate Harlem?s most celebrated legacy ?The Harlem Renaissance.

REBIRTH! 2012 , centered at one of NYC’s sexiest venues Taj II and with an OPEN BAR of specialty cocktails provided by Hennessy, will bring together today?s trendsetters and tastemakers who effortlessly connect with the world of politics, academia, entertainment and fashion, through digital forms of communication.

Proceeds from REBIRTH! 2012 benefit NYULYP’s Annual Backpack Drive for low-income families and the Whitney M. Young Scholarship for high school seniors who excel academically and demonstrate a commitment to community service.

After an evening like this, everyone will want to know “How Are You Connected?”