Reasons to Turn Down a Job Offer

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Reasons for Declining a Job Offer

The long, frustrating search is over, and you’ve finally received a job offer. You are at first feeling excited anticipation and a sense of relief, but what happens if, after the negotiation stage is completed, your gut feeling tells you to decline that job offer? Sometimes, you should listen to that inner voice and turn down a job offer ? particularly for these reasons:?

The Offer’s Terms are Unsatisfactory?

If your negotiations did not turn out as favorably as you hoped, accepting the job can lead to more frustration and sense of resentment. Maybe your prospective employer didn’t offer a high enough salary, or may the vacation policy is a tad restrictive. Maybe your new position doesn’t carry the title you were aiming for ? if you accept these disappointments now, you may have to keep accepting them to your first performance review, and even then, changes are not guaranteed. Before saying ?yes? to the offer, you will have to think about how long you will last under the unsatisfactory terms.?

The Culture Isn’t a Good Match?

If your personality is bold and outgoing, you may feel uncomfortable working in a very quiet and slow-paced work environment. It’s important that the corporate culture matches your personality, so ask a lot of questions during your interviews about what the workplace feels like. You should be able to see yourself working there. If not, say ?no? to the offer and keep looking for another opportunity that better matches your personality.?

The Commute is Tough?

You may be able to convince yourself at first than an hour commute will go by quickly, but it will soon get tiresome, especially on an early Monday morning after a rough weekend or at the end of a long day of overtime. A tough commute will also make you arrive at the office with frayed nerves, and you’ll come home at night with a headache. Try out the commute before you say ?yes? to a job offer, and make sure you drive at the same time of day that you’ll be reporting for duty to gauge traffic.?

You Have to Travel Too Often?

Traveling for work sounds glamorous, and it can certainly be fun, but it can also be frustrating, tiring and draining over time. Think very carefully about the amount of travel you can manage, and if you think your new position will ask too much of you, turn down the offer in favor of something that will keep you closer to home.?