Ready, Set, Go

Working outIt?s not like you aren?t working out. You have been hitting the gym daily or three times a week but the results seem to have stalled and you are getting bored with your routine. Now is the time to jumpstart your exercise regimen, says beauty, wellness and lifestyle professional Janet K. Shields Scott.

???? Don?t go it alone. Having an exercise partner provides company and inspiration. “Enlist the help of a friend or two who love to workout. Maybe you can inspire one another on the days you feel bored,” says Scott. “If you are not seeing any results, change your routine. A workout routine that has variety leaves less room for boredom and more satisfying results. Choose a yoga workout one week, a dance class the next, etc.”
???? Get new gear. Having new gym clothes can actually add a new spark. If you buy new clothes and shoes, you are more likely to put them to use and hit the gym.

???? Check out a new exercise video. If you are not motivated to hit the gym, pop in the DVD and exercise at home anytime you want.

???? Monitor your progress. “You can do the same exercise workout everyday if you wish, as long as, you are getting the results you desire. Some people don’t like change. If you don’t see results from your workout then it’s imperative that you make a change. When the muscles get used to the same workout everyday you don’t the results you want. You have to trick the muscles by changing up your workout from time to time. Always include 10 to 15 minutes of stretches in your workout to minimize injuries,” says Scott.

???? Let the music motivate you. Fill your iPod with the best music to work out to.

???? Get involved in public exercise events, such as a mini marathon. You will train with a goal in mind.

???? Be patient. If you don?t see results immediately, don?t quit. It takes time to get in shape. “With the right healthy lifestyle change, a realistic eating plan, and a desirable workout routine you should start to see results in 4 to 6 weeks,” says Scott.