Re-entering the Corporate World? Some Worthwhile Tips for Veterans

veteransFive tips to help veterans stand out during job searches.

When your military service is over and you?re looking to re-enter the corporate world, sometimes the transition can be complicated and overwhelming.? Check out these tips to make your transition into a new job easier.

  1. Create a Functional Resume. In this situation, a chronological resume might highlight gaps in your employment more than your skills. A functional resume explains skills that you can bring to a position, rather than the amount of time you?ve been in the workforce.
  2. Update Your Skills. If possible, start adding to your skillset before you start looking for a job. A great way to do this is to volunteer or take classes to learn new skills.
  3. Job Shadow Other Professionals. Once you find positions you?re interested in, make sure you like the reality of the position. Some companies allow veterans to job shadow with their professionals to see if the job is truly what veterans are interested in.
  4. Create Professional Profiles Online.? For some jobs, the Internet plays a strong role in the employers? research of potential employees. If they can?t find you online, it could have the opposite effect of what you?re wanting. There are social media networks dedicated to helping military veterans to find new jobs. Create profiles that show case your skills on networking boards like After Burner, RallyPoint and LinkedIn.?
  5. Research Companies Before Interviews. Don?t go into an interview unprepared. It shows if you go to an interview and you don?t have a clue about the company. Learn about the individuals you?re meeting with, and tailor your answers to the position you?re interested in.
  6. Send Thank You Notes. No matter how you feel the interview went, nothing helps you to stand out than to send a note thanking the interviewer for their time and reiterating your interest in the position.