Quitting Your Job? Do It Without Burning Any Bridges

Here is how to quit job without burning down bridges.

When you quit a job, it is usually a good idea to bypass the burning of any bridges. This holds especially true if you envision yourself possibly working at that place again or with people in the organization. If you know it?s time to quit, then here is how to do so in the best way possible.

1. Discuss the situation with your boss before anyone else at the company. Your co-workers may be trustworthy, but why risk it? Definitely don?t post on social media that you are leaving before you have talked to your boss.

Do the talk in person unless the boss is at a far-flung office or location. In that case, the phone or video chat is okay. Come prepared with a list of project priorities for your last weeks at work and how you will help the transition. Be ready for counteroffers. Do not give into them just because. Know what you want and hold your ground. If new terms are agreed upon, ask for them in writing. Otherwise, explain that your future prospects are too unique to pass up.

2. Give at least two weeks? notice or whatever advance notice your company asks for. The organization will appreciate the chance to wrap up projects and start the transition to a new employee. Do this even if you suspect you will be shown the door immediately; don?t stoop to the company?s level.

3. Use your own materials and tools to continue into the next phase of your career. This means that emails to your future company or these job hunt updates need to wait until you?re out of the office for a break or the day. Don?t use your company?s computers even if you are off-duty.

4. Follow your legal responsibilities. They may be a non-compete clause or leaving clients behind. Ensure you understand what you are allowed to do. In some cases, your boss needs to be the person to talk with your clients, and you could land in trouble if you inform them of your departure.