Questions You Must Ask During a Job Interview

The interview questions

Asking the Right Questions May Get You That Dream Job!

Anyone who?s been on a job interview knows the pause ? that moment when the interviewer asks if you have any questions. By then, most of us are so nervous that our minds go blank and we end up appearing indifferent or clueless. Don?t let that happen in your next interview ? asking questions is your chance to distinguish yourself from the competition. In addition, you?ll discover if the position is the ideal match for your career growth. Here are five important questions to ask so that you make the right impression. Practice in advance of your next interview so as to prevent fumbling for words.

  1. How would you describe the ideal candidate?
    This question lets the interviewer imagine you in the position and gives you the chance to then describe yourself doing the very things the interviewer outlines. An extension of this question, such as ?What are the top three qualities you?re looking for?? will reveal key information, so take notes. This will come in handy for forming your responses in future interviews or later in the conversation.
  2. How do you see this position supporting you?
    By asking this, you?re suggesting to the interviewer that you will make her life easier. And by this point, she knows your entire educational and job history, so she?ll appreciate that you aren?t going to just talk about yourself.
  3. How does this position fit into the company?s long-term plans?
    This query opens the door to discussions about the position and overall business strategy. At this point, it?s appropriate to ask about the person who is leaving or why the position was created. You?ll also want to ask about the specific challenges and goals of the job, as well as the company?s vision for it in the next six months, year and five years.
  4. What is your definition of success for this position?
    Be aware that this question might startle your interviewer because many companies don?t have standard performance evaluations. However, this question reveals that you?re curious about the boss and the company?s culture and procedures. Pay attention to whatever clues your interviewer reveals.
  5. What can I do for you in following up?
    Employers look for people who really want to work in the organization and are enthusiastic about affecting the outcome of the interview. So asking this question proves that you are serious about making the right contacts within the company and sending follow-up information.

And One Question You Might Not Want to Ask
As for asking about the salary and other benefits, there is some debate among HR professionals and career coaches. Some believe that asking about money shows you?re serious about your career and that you?ve got the confidence to ask the question. Others feel that it?s not wise to ask a question related to your needs because you have very little negotiating power in an interview. If they decide to hire you, then it?s appropriate to discuss money.?

Before your next interview, take the time to prepare questions that indicate you?re a leader and are serious about advancing your career. At heart, the best questions are not about you but about the interviewer and the company. These show that you?re serious about being a valuable member of the organization.

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