Push Aside Winter, Forget Summer: Renew Your Mind For Spring

Day dreamingStill having trouble shaking off the winter blues? Daydreaming about summer vacation? Maybe it?s time to do some mental spring cleaning to get your mind back to work.

“If you are feeling mentally drained, here are five tips on getting clarity:? 1. Journal. Put your thoughts on paper, 2. Get inspired. Seek experiences like art, music or a good book to find inspiration at this time; 3. Move. Get up and go for a walk and take in the fresh air, ?4. Connect. Reach out to friends and do not isolate yourself; 5. Ask for what you need from your job, family, etc. This will help you to not feel overwhelmed. Support is important,” explains David Shawn, founder of Speak Life Coaching.

It?s important to take mental stock from time to time. And the change of seasons is a great time to re-energize your mind. ?”We have to be willing to do self-care because it allows us to do inventory on what is important and what needs to be done moving forward. Mental cleaning impacts you, your career, family and friends. As you clean out and access, you get back into control of yourself. We can lose ourselves in work and everyday living and to take the time to check-in with ourselves is vital to our mental and spiritual health,” says Shawn.

Annette Johnson, The FLY (Forgive and Love Yourself) Coach, also suggests exercising the power of choice. “There is personal power in our choices. Choose to have a positive attitude everyday and in everything you do. By doing so, you will shift your energy to its highest levels of productivity and creativity,” she says.

Recognizing your talents and being grateful will also help change your attitude. “Acknowledge and celebrate your gifts. Use your strengths to take yourself to the next level. If you are a strong writer – write. If you are a great speaker – speak. Find your strengths and use them to create a new landscape for your life,” says Johnson. “Be grateful for your journey and where you are today. Everything you have experienced or will experience is a stepping stone to where you want to go. When you become grateful for everything–abundance flows. Be grateful for your greatness and let your light shine unapologetically bright.”

“Look at the bigger ?happiness? picture. We may hate the immediate until we realize it is a crucial step to continue to build sweetness into our lives,” adds Kahshanna Evans, founder of Kissing Lions Public Relations, who is spearheading an online work/life course entitled the ‘Work/Life Empowerment Series.’ “After studying wellness in varied modalities for a decade, I learned it?s important to make space for success, new beginnings and the answers to our prayers and hopes?we are more likely to be distracted with clutter in our lives. It creates positive growth – not that painful growth, but the kind where we know we?ve treated ourselves right; growth is a reward of creating positive choices that align our values, goals, sense of purpose and life vision.”