Pursue Your Dreams By Encouraging Yourself

DREWhenever you try to make positive changes in your life, you?ll experience resistance.

Sometimes, the resistance is internal, meaning you vs. yourself.

Waking up earlier to go to the gym sucks. Much easier to press ?snooze.? Politely declining that slice of pizza when your coworkers just happen to be throwing another impromptu party?.agony.

Same thing with starting a business. Sometimes you put so many obstacles in your own way that you forget why you wanted to start the damn thing to begin with.

That?s all internal resistance to change. Usually, that type of resistance is actually a good sign. It means you’re stretching yourself. But along with internal resistance, you?ll also face a lot of external resistance from people around you.

From parents who tell you to ?be realistic?? ?I know you like dance?but are you sure you don?t want to major in computer science? Starting salary is $80,000!”

To coworkers who tell you that you should just be happy for even having a job?”OMG in THIS economy??!!”

To friends who mock you, discourage you, or don?t even take the time to listen to you.