Publisher?s Bio

    Aziz Gueye Adetimirin is founder, president of The Network Journal Communication, Inc., and publisher of The Network Journal. Aziz immigrated to the United States in 1974 from West Africa. A fervent believer in education he attended the Academy of Aeronautics in Queens, New York, where he achieved academic recognition earning first his Associate degree in Applied Science in 1983 and in 1984 a bachelor’s degree in Technology from the New York Institute of Technology in Old Westbury, NY. Aziz is also a U.S. veteran, having served in the United States Air Force where he achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant

    Aziz?s experience as an engineer included service at major corporate aeronautical entities from New York to San Francisco, such as Fairchild Republic, United Airlines, Sikorsky Aircraft and Pan American World Airways. While working at these organizations, he was able to refine his management skills and develop strong leadership. He successfully transferred his skills as an aeronautical engineer to his communications and publishing enterprise

    Following Pan American Airways? closure in 1991, where he had risen to the rank of Supervisor of Production Control, Aziz used this opportunity to pursue his long held dream of entrepreneurship. In September 1993, recognizing the need for accurate dissemination of business information, he decided to publish The Network Journal. Today, the magazine’s readership is more than 86,000. Additionally, by anticipating trends in electronic media, Aziz established The Network Journal?s Web site in 1996, becoming one of the first African-American publications to establish an online presence (

    Aziz has been honored by the Caribbean-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry as “Entrepreneur of the Year;” by Miss Black World NY Organization as a “Man of Distinction;” is the recipient of a “Sons of Africa” award by the African Center Foundation; inducted as a Pi Eta Kappa Honorary Fellow at Medgar Evers College of the City University of New York; and the Trail Blazer in Media and Publication Award by G&B Foundations