Public Policy Group Says Obama’s Stance on Carbon Emissions Helps African Americans

Obama and carbon emissionsThe Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, one of the nation?s leading research and public policy institutions and the only one whose work focuses primarily on issues of particular concern to African Americans, commends the proposed EPA rule on limits on emissions from power plants as a critical step toward healthier lives for African Americans.

Ralph B. Everett, president and CEO of the Center, released the following statement today:

The EPA?s proposed new rule is a breath of fresh air for African Americans and other people of color, whom studies show are much more likely to live near fossil fuel burning power plants and who suffer disproportionately from health ailments related to unhealthy air.

In addition, people of color are most likely to be affected by severe storms and heat waves that are exacerbated by climate change. The proposed rule issued today is an important step by the Obama Administration to curb hazardous emissions, mitigate the harmful effects of climate change and promote environmental justice.????

We commend this decision by the EPA and look forward to further action empowering states to regulate carbon emissions from existing power plants, which are the nation?s biggest contributor to the greenhouse gases that cause climate change.

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