Proven Tactics that Can Improve Your Chances of Finding a Job

JObsTo boost your chances of finding a job, get someone to vouch for you

Depending on which source you listen to, one job opening gets an average of 118 applicants or as many as 250. Either way, a single opening attracts job candidates like flies are drawn to honey. Thus, it is in your best interest to do more than simply submit an application and hope for the best.

1. Enlist someone who works at the company or who has an ?in? to recommend you. Employee referrals work for several reasons: they help candidates stand out, they are less risky, and they often lead to candidates being fast tracked. Fortunately, finding someone to recommend you isn?t as hard as you might expect. Hunt on LinkedIn for people who work at the company you want to apply to, and if you do not recognize any of the names, check for connections such as having attended the same college. Alternatively, see if you know people in common. Ask that first-level connection to make first contact with the person at the company for you.

Even if you turn up nothing, keep going. Introduce yourself to folks at a wide array of companies, and follow them on social media platforms. The connections will come in useful, and probably sooner rather than later. However, avoid blindly connecting with people. Pick your connections strategically; make sure these people are in positions where they can help.

2. Work with a temp agency.
Companies turn to temp agencies to fill positions as varied as chief executive officer, manager, chef, bookkeeper and receptionist. Often, temp work leads to full-time work. Worst-case scenario: You expand your list of networking contacts.

3. Check out customer complaints online before applying for a job or going in for an interview. Investigate what people are saying about the business, and present your solutions or ideas for addressing these issues. Alternatively, use the research as a springboard into presenting ways that your skills help the company.