Promoting Content on Social Media: Don’t Stop at the Basics

Social mediaWhen promoting content on social media, don’t be afraid to go beyond the basics.

Social media plays a vital role in ensuring that your content reaches your target audience. According to the content marketing and syndication platform NewsCred, 87% of B2B marketers use social media to distribute their content and are expected to spend more than $8 billion on social media advertising in 2015.

This is not surprising since numerous studies indicate that social media is effective for generating leads, engaging your target market, and influencing people’s buying decisions. It also plays a significant role in increasing brand awareness and managing your brand’s reputation, and can help you uncover networking opportunities, conduct market research, and increase your company’s bottom line.

Despite the numerous benefits that can be gained through social media, most marketers and business owners fail to go beyond the basics. Most people simply use social media to promote their content and company events by sharing them on their profile or through paid social media advertising.

3 Lesser Known Ways of Promoting Content on Social Media

There are still other ways by which you can use social media to promote your content. Here are some of them.

Pinning a post on top of your Twitter timeline. If you want to draw attention to a specific piece of content, pinning it on top of your timeline is a good way to go. This will ensure that this particular tweet would be the first thing your followers see as they visit your profile page. You can change this any time you want to suit your needs. To increase your clickthrough rate, make sure your tweet contains a compelling image or video.

Use Pinterest to promote content or events. Most people mistakenly believe that Pinterest is only good for selling clothes, and fail to recognize its ability to generate referral traffic. Don’t be one of them. You can use Pinterest to promote your content. Simply take images or snapshots from your content and/or video and pin them on your boards, along with an interesting description and a link to the original source, and you can drive hordes of traffic to your site.

Interact with industry influencers. Building a positive relationship with industry influencers through social media can pay off in more ways than you have ever imagined. It would allow you to reach out to these people and ask them to watch, read or share your content with their own network. It would also allow you to ask them if they would be willing to provide their own point of view on a piece that you are writing.
There are a lot of ways of promoting your content on social media so don’t be afraid to think outside the box.