Why You Should Make Professional Staffing Services a Part of Your Job Search

temp agenciesIf You?re in Job-Hunting Mode, Don?t Discount Professional Staffing Agencies.

When you’re looking to make a career change, your inclination may be to focus on full-time positions that you get by going through the company that is hiring. After all, if you go through all the work of applying for jobs, you want to end up in a position that you know you’ll be able to stay at for a while. However, there’s another route to a job that many job seekers ignore: temp agencies. These companies actually can be a great route to a full-time position, or at least a way to earn some money while you keep looking for another job. Here are some of the top reasons to consider working with a temp agency.

Why Use Professional Staffing Services?

1. Advocates Help You Find a Job: Temp agencies don’t make money unless they manage to place you at a position. Therefore, they will be trying their best to get you working as quickly as possible. This support can be huge as they look through their contacts to find a position for which you are qualified and that meets your specifications.

2. Valuable Work Experience: When you work temp jobs, you can add these to your resume just as you would any other type of work. You may be able to get your foot in the door in specific industries by working temp jobs, building up experience to help you land your dream job later. Plus, doing temp work can help you avoid gaps in employment on your resume.

3. Access to Exclusive Positions: Many companies do all of their hiring through temp agencies. They don’t have the time or resources to post jobs, sift through resumes, conduct interviews, run background checks on candidates, and do payroll for new hires. Instead, they hire the temp agency to do this. Therefore, you can use a temp agency to get your foot in the door at these companies that don’t even post positions anywhere else.

4. Often Transitions Into Full-Time Work: Many of the positions you get placed in through a temp agency are temp to permanent positions. This means that the company is actually looking for a full-time employee but wants to start with a temporary one to simplify the paperwork and make sure they found the right candidate. Often you’ll get an offer for full-time employment after working a temp job for about 90 days.

Closing Comments About Temp Staffing Resources and Solutions!

If you’re ready to give a temp agency a try, ask around to find out what the large temp agencies in your area are. The bigger the staffing agency, the more likely they’ll be able to place you at the sort of position you’re looking for. Contact temp staffing agencies and conduct yourself professionally through each stage of the process. They need to understand who you are professionally so they can recommend you for specific temp positions. And remember, you should never have to pay to be a part of a temp agency. They get all of their money from the employers who hire temp workers.

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