Produce Videos and Upload Them to Video Sites

Videos for websitesVideos can help you get more traffic to your site and keep your visitors there for a longer period. They are also a great way to build confidence with your visitors. With a digital camera (which you already probably have), shoot it, edit it and then upload it to YouTube, Vimeo, Vevo or any other video site you choose. These video sites get millions and millions of hits daily and that is where you want to be. Videos are becoming so popular that many websites contain more video content than anything else and there are sites that contain only video content. is a website that offers up-to-the-minute news and contains more video content than traditional written articles. “The jury is still out on how much video clips will be used on websites instead of typed articles in the future, but they certainly will play a major roll,” says publisher Marshall Browne. “Some of the news stories are available in both video and traditional article form though not necessarily containing the exact same wording. So much of what the Internet will be about is unknown to us all. Everything is like a test.”

There are lots of free software programs you can use to organize the video once you have shot the footage that you will use. Windows Movie Maker is a good program that most PC’s come with though you may never have noticed it. If you cannot find it on your hard drive, you can download it free from Microsoft. ?Make sure the video looks professional; the software makes it easy to do this. ?Another important point is to not make your video too long. Make it only as long as it needs to be. ?A very important thing to do is to spy on other videos that are related to your product or service. ?See what others are doing. Notice which videos have lots of views, and see how long they are and what they say about the product or service. Make sure the video does not have too many ‘thumbs down’ votes from viewers.

Good Reasons To Add Video To Your Site
-Get more traffic
-Visitors will spend more time at your site
-Search engines love quality videos and they give your site good SEO points
-Makes your business seem more up-to-date
-Videos can explain your product or service better than just writing about it
YouTube alone receives millions of visitors each day and having quality videos that contain a link back to your website produces great quality traffic to your website.