The Problem with Smartphones: What Users Hate the Most

smartphone problemsKnow the strengths and weaknesses of your favorite smartphone before buying one.

Everyone loves their smartphones. However, since the perfect smartphone is yet to be made, users find a variety of problems with their favorite devices.?

According to a report published by Fixya, a company that provides tips on how to fix smartphone problems, overheating and poor battery life are among the most common problems encountered by users. The survey featured four of today’s most popular smartphones ? the Samsung Galaxy S4, iPhone 5S, Moto X and HTC One. Here is a rundown of the results of that particular survey.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Overheating (25%) and battery issues (20%) top the list of the Samsung Galaxy S4′s most undesirable features. Users complain about the fact that the device overheats whenever users run a gaming app or browse the internet for a significant amount of time. Some users also complain about the phone’s screen (20%). Since it is darker as compared to other phones’ display, some find it difficult to read text and view the action in some gaming apps.?

iPhone 5S

Users complain about battery issues (25%) and the fingerprint password (25%) in the iPhone 5S. According to user reports, the phone’s battery usually drains when running apps and/or location services. Other issues include display size (15%) and apps crashing (15%).

Moto X

The Moto X is the only smartphone included in the survey that did not have any issues regarding battery life. Instead, users complain about insufficient storage space (30%), screen quality (20%), camera quality (20%) and GPS problems (15%). The Moto X does not have a memory card option so you can only expand storage space by using cloud services. In addition, the phone has pixelated text and unnaturally bright colors and its camera does not live up to the standards set by its competitors.


HTC One had the most user complaints regarding battery life (30%). Users also reported that they are having audio issues (20%) and are hearing background noise and static sounds from the speakers. Some users also find problems with the camera quality (20%) despite the company’s obvious investment in the screen quality and industrial design of the device. In addition, other users are also dissatisfied with the phone’s blinkfeed feature (10%).

Investing your hard-earned money in the latest smartphone design only to discover that it does not live up to your expectations can be terribly frustrating. As such, you need to know the strengths and weaknesses of each phone so you can make a more informed decision.?