Price Comparison Apps: A Must-Have for Price Savvy Consumers

ShopFor consumers who want to get the most from their hard-earned money, price comparison apps are a definite must-have. After all, they can help you determine if you are getting a great deal or are about to make a costly mistake.

Most Recommended Price Comparison Apps
According to Shopatron’s 2013 Retailer eCommerce Study, 86% of consumers use their smartphones while shopping to compare prices, get product information, read customer reviews, and look at additional product options. Given the sheer amount of price comparison apps available, how do you know which ones to choose? Consider these apps that come highly recommended by other users.

With the RedLaser app, users can instantly compare prices between online and offline retailers so that they will know if the product is available for less elsewhere. This app also allows users to keep track of the products, stores and deals they love, and keep their loyalty cards in one convenient place so they don’t have to miss earning rewards for their purchases.

By scanning barcodes or using the search feature, users can find the lowest prices and get alerts on price cuts and new sales items. You can also use this app to keep an eye on when you can get your favorite products at a discount.

Grocery Exchange

No one wants to pay more than what they need to, especially when it comes to food items. By downloading this app, you will get all the help that you need in building your shopping list, comparing product prices between different brands and sizes, and finding the stores that offer the best deals. It also allows users to sync their shopping list with the family to facilitate a faster and more convenient shopping experience.

This app allows users to discover if they are really getting a great bargain by converting items to their unit prices. It can also be used in figuring out different conversions.

With Consumr, users can compare prices of groceries, home and beauty products, appliances, and electronics. It also provides product ratings and consumer reviews.

Gas Buddy

The cost of gasoline can be extremely limiting so use this app to find the cheapest gas in your area, and save money on gasoline.


Frequent flyers and travelers would surely appreciate having this app on their smartphone. TripAdvisor allows users to find the best deals in airfare, accommodations, and dining options. Thus, you can plan and book your perfect trip and save a bundle by simply using this app.