The Power of Infographics

Take your business to the next level by wielding the power of infographics.

A lot of people love infographics. In fact, online sites that use infographics get 12% more traffic as compared to those that do not. Additionally, the viral nature of infographics can help you generate more natural links back to your site, build brand awareness and convey your message more effectively to your target audience.

Understanding the Psychology of Infographics

What makes infographics so effective? Well, this is probably because all of us are visually wired. Infographics have three main elements (visuals, numbers and statistics, and storytelling components) that target different parts of the brain.?

The visual element of infographics helps catch the readers’ attention. Studies reveal that about 70% of all our sensory receptors can be found in our eyes. In addition, the human brain processes visual information faster and is capable of attaching a meaning to a symbol in less than 1/10 of a second.

Numbers and statistics make infographics more effective since they tap into our subconscious mind and tell us that the message in front of us is important. They also promise specificity and organization, and guarantees some form of structure and substance.?

People also love infographics for its strong storytelling component which engages the brain and triggers emotions. The most effective infographics have a clear beginning and lead readers to a definite conclusion.

Another reason why infographics work is because people suffer from information overload. Studies reveal that an average person receives up to 5 times more information today as they did in 1986 and consumes more than 100,000 words outside of work on any given day.?

Infographics are extremely engaging and increases an average person’s willingness to read by about 80%. They are also more accessible and easier to recall. In fact, researchers found out that infographics can increase a person’s ability to follow directions by as much as 323%.?

Tips for Creating a Highly Successful Infographic

  • Be unique. Refrain from using infographic template programs since they will not give you the results you need.
  • Keep it simple. Maintain your focus to get your message across. Don’t distract your audience by adding a lot of visuals and numbers. ? ?
  • Pack in a punch. If you are not capable of designing an appealing infographic, hire a great designer to do the work. Remember, it should catch attention, create buzz and make your audience interested to learn more about it.
  • Make it shareable. Your infographic should be easily shareable if you want it to go viral. Install a social sharing widget in your post or provide an html code so other websites can display it with a link back to your site.