The Power of Behavior Assessments and its Impact on Leadership Communication

Workplace issuesIt has been said that organizations are messy human enterprises, everybody has one goal but many see different ways of achieving it. One way to minimize this mess and increase a team?s rapport is to improve the quality of communication among employees. Leaders or managers play a critical role in achieving this level of engagement.

The Problem
Gallup revealed that about one in 10 people possess high talent to manage. Many leaders try different strategies and methods to increase productivity and improve profitability; however, few possess the talent to lead a successful team and dramatically improve a company?s performance.

The Solution
If you want to build more effective teams, you should learn employee behavioral styles, motivators and preferences. Then, once you understand those three distinct areas, you can analyze results and discover ways to adapt your own style to meet your team?s needs. By learning more about themselves, employees will also understand how they operate and what they can do to improve their communication and performance with their teammates and leadership.

How to Reach the Solution
Behavior assessments are key to a well-performing team. Assessments are one of the most powerful tools to drive business and are known to help you gain insight, greatly increase productivity and give you that competitive edge. Comprehensive science-based assessments like behavior assessments utilize analytics to provide an in-depth understanding of your behaviors and motivators as well as your teams?.

Behavior Assessment Benefits

Behavior assessments can be a great way to achieve strong communication within a team. Successfully implemented assessments can help improve communication, increase engagement among employees and build better leaders. Behavior assessments can also help you discover your ideal environment, which is perfect if you are looking to focus on improving work productivity, teamwork and communication.

Knowing on a deeper level what motivates and drives an employee is a very powerful tool for leaders to have. Employees have depth; they have families, hobbies, interests and different motivators. It is important for leaders to understand that employees are motivated by something larger than themselves that goes beyond the workplace.

By knowing how to tap into the core of who employees are and why they are the way they are, as a leader you can create a magnetic and unstoppable purpose-driven workforce. This positively impacts the business, its customers, and the community it serves.

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About Stephanie Chung
Stephanie Chung is a Certified FocalPoint Business Coach based in Dallas, Texas. An elite executive coach, trainer and advisor, Chung is backed by more than 25 years of team management, business development, and sales leadership experience.