Poll: Mothers Worry Kids Are Unprepared for Jobs, Finances

Money pollNearly half of American mothers think their children are unprepared to get a job and one-third say their kids aren?t ready to live on their own, according to a new study.

The study by the McGraw-Hill Federal Credit Union found that 49 percent of mothers say their children aren?t ready to get a job, while 44 percent say their progeny aren?t prepared to finance their college educations.

One-third of mothers say their children are ?not at all prepared? to save money or live on their own, according to the study.

The study polled 300 mothers.

Overall, the study indicates that mothers are worried about their children?s financial futures.

Though the economy is a key factor, the poll respondents worried that their children do not know enough about finances to make well-informed decisions about such matters as they enter adulthood.

Source: MCT Information Services