Retirement on your iPhone: Apps to Help Plan Your Financial Future

Apps for retirementPlanning Your Financial Future… Use Your iPhone!

Busy entrepreneurs who are interested in planning for retirement don?t always have the time to sit in front of a computer. However, if you use an Apple iPhone or iPod Touch, you have a mini computer in your pocket that can run apps that will help you prepare for and plan your financial future.

Having information about your financial future right at your fingertips can help bring you peace of mind.

Check out these retirement apps for your Apple iPhone or iPod Touch:

myNestEgg – The Retirement Estimator Calculator

The myNestEgg app enables you to track your personal retirement savings account. Use it to examine your 401K and IRA and to see how much money you should expect to receive annually upon retirement. You can quickly adjust parameters, such as your beginning savings amount and the percentage of your salary that you are currently saving. After entering your current age and the age at which you intend to retire, you can calculate the results to see how much money you?ll have when you leave the workforce. The app lets you see the results on screen as well as email them to yourself for future review.


YouRetire is an app to help you calculate your savings and plan your retirement. It uses graphical charts to show you the value of your projected savings. You begin by typing in the desired amount of income you want at retirement, in today?s money. By adjusting the numbers for your current savings plan and the amount you save each month, you can fine-tune how much you need to save to meet your retirement goals. Other variables include the inflation rate and your investment style, such as defensive, cautious or balanced. The app calculates any shortfalls to help you adjust the amount of savings and other options until you meet your goals.


The iRetirement app is useful when you want to apply a critical eye to your retirement investments while taking into account the volatility of the stock market. You can examine different scenarios to calculate how your IRA or 401K will grow. The app enables you to determine the amount of money you want to have at retirement, and then work backwards to calculate what types of investments you need to be making today. Include any income that you expect to receive after retirement, such as Social Security benefits, to get a better view of your future financial status.

Retirement CountDown Ad Free

After you set up your retirement plan, you can have some fun with the Retirement CountDown Ad Free app. It comes with a background picture showing a hammock suspended between two palm trees at the beach, which you can switch for your own personal image of how you imagine spending your retirement. Each day you work is crossed off in red on the retirement countdown calendar. Below the calendar, you see how much time remains in workdays, hours, minutes and seconds. The app enables you to set vacation days, as well as customize the colors used to mark work days, weekends and holidays.

Not all “Planning for Retirement” Phone Apps Are Created Equal

Whatever retirement apps you decide to try using on your iPhone or iPod Touch, you?re bound to rest easy once you get a better idea of your financial future.

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