Placing QR Codes on Product Labels Can Benefit Your Business

QR CodesThere are many ways QR codes can help you grow your business.

Perhaps you have noticed those distinctive square boxes on posters, billboards, magazine ads and on product tags and packaging of consumer products. These pixilated codes are called quick response (QR) codes and they work very much the same as the traditional barcodes.

However, while traditional barcodes can only hold up to 20 numerical digits, QR codes can hold thousands of alphanumeric characters and can store huge amounts of information. In addition, these codes can be easily created using free QR code generators and decoded using a variety of code readers, making them perfect for small businesses. In case you are wondering how QR codes can benefit your business, here are some things you need to know.

How QR Codes Can Help You Grow Your Business

QR codes can be used to enhance your marketing efforts by providing a more positive user experience and greater customer satisfaction. They can be used to:

Provide more information about your product. As mentioned earlier, a great deal of information can be stored in QR codes. You can use them to provide product information, installation instructions, and sources for replacement parts and services. They can also be used to link to product recommendations, recipes (for food products), and product availability.

Provide more information about your business. QR codes can be used to provide contact details and directions to your place of business. You can use them to help customers locate your place of business on Google Maps or download your contact details via a VCard.???

Increase traffic. QR codes can be used to bring customers to your blog or primary website. You can even use them? to direct traffic to your landing page, promotional videos and other content. As an added bonus, increasing your traffic can also enhance your search engine and social media optimization efforts.

Build your community. Creating a QR code that links to your Facebook business page and other social networking profiles can help you increase your following and create brand awareness.

Provide social proof. Using QR codes to link to your most popular blog posts can also serve as social proof of your expertise and influence. The same effect can be achieved by using it to link to successful case studies and positive product reviews.

Mobilize your target customers to take the desired action. QR codes can be used to encourage actions that support your marketing plan. When used in conjunction with your email marketing campaigns, it can help build your list. You can also use it to display contest entry forms, and encourage people to “pin” and “like” your products, register for your online event, take surveys and provide valuable feedback.

Reward your customers. QR codes can also be used to promote special deals, product discounts and other product offerings.

QR codes can do a lot for your business so you may want to give them a try.