Pinterest Interests: What Marketers Need to Know

Do you need an easy way to find new content to pin?

Would you like to see pins from people other than those you follow?

Finding good content to repin has always been crucial for Pinterest success.?The solution is to follow interests on Pinterest.


In this article I?ll explain how to find and use Pinterest interests to improve visibility and engagement.

Why Explore Interests?

One drawback for many businesses on Pinterest is that there are only 32 specific and 6 broad categories available to search for pins.

Businesses whose products or services don?t neatly fit into one of these categories have to do additional searching on Pinterest to find relevant pins to share with their followers and new boards to follow.

The answer is to follow interests, and the pins come to you.

Interests are collections of pins about a specific niche topic from a bunch of people who aren?t necessarily following each other. Interests can be followed just like boards and accounts, and once you follow an interest, you begin to see pins related to that specific topic in your own feed.

#1: Find and Follow Interests

The option to Explore interests used to be included in the menu by the search bar, but is now gone. Here?s how you can locate interests today.

Explore Interests on a Desktop

At the time of writing this article, it?s not possible to search for Pinterest interests on your computer. The only way to discover interests is to find someone who?s already following them. To do that, go to any Pinterest account. Under their profile information (toward the right), locate and click the Following number.