Pinterest for Business: Why You Should Consider Using It

pinterest for businessPinterest can help you grow your business. Follow these tips to get the results you need.

While most people would not even consider using Pinterest for business when it was first launched, this highly visual platform is starting to emerge as a great social eCommerce tool. Consider these facts.

  • 70 million people and more than 500,000 businesses are now using Pinterest
  • An additional 47.1 million people are expected to join the network this year?
  • Pinterest is the fastest growing social network in 2014
  • More than 50% of users consult Pinterest before making a purchase decision in-store
  • Women on Pinterest are 33% more likely to have bought consumer electronics while 25% are more likely to have purchased a computer in the past 6 months
  • 49% of Pinterest users prefer using the site instead of browsing catalogs
  • The average order is valued at almost $60

After taking these figures into consideration, you can easily see that using Pinterest can indeed be good for business. So, how do you use it to increase your chances of meeting your goals? Here are some useful suggestions to help you get started.

  • Know how Pinterest works. Before you start pinning, make sure you are aware of Pinterest’s image requirements and categories. Using images with the right format and dimensions ensures that your images will be shown in the boards, attract more attention, and generate more referral traffic to your site. In addition, putting your pins in the right category can make your content more discoverable.?
  • Use stunning images. Interesting content with strong images generates three times as much engagement as compared to those with weak or no images so always use captivating images in your boards. For better results, turn your content into chart and infographics. You can also pin videos and soundcloud files to your boards to attract the attention of your target audience.
  • Make your business more visible. You can significantly increase your visibility by including your brand’s name and website URL in the caption of your pins. Including a strong call to action (CTA) to pins containing original content from your business website can also help you redirect your visitors to your website or campaigns.???
  • Pin the right mix. This platform works best if you post a healthy mix of original and repinned content. While you can use this platform to showcase your products and services, keep in mind that Pinterest is not all about selling. You also need to educate and keep your audience entertained.
  • Create themed boards. Create boards to feature new products, company events, and holiday sales, to name a few. Creating customer-centric boards featuring customer success stories and testimonials is also a good idea.

Using Pinterest can help you take your business to greater heights so follow these tips and you will be a step closer to achieving your business goals.