The Phone Company Doesn’t Sell Telephone Lines Anymore

When you think of the “phone company” it’s easy to think of a traditional phone company – slow moving, old fashioned, not innovative, and other negative things. However, Verizon, has morphed into being much more than a “phone company”.

It’s a company that provides FIOS (high speed fiber optic data service) through which it sells high speed Internet services and over this service, telephone service and video service. Companies are getting rid of their traditional telephone lines, but Verizon is not worried.

The New York Times writes Not only does Verizon control the largest mobile phone company in the country, it has also largely moved away from copper wires. Verizon is selling off most of its operations in rural areas and is spending billions to wire most of the rest of its territory with its fiber optic network, or FiOS.
FiOS, of course, offers voice calling as well as video and Internet service, but from now on, traditional phone service will be more of an add-on than the centerpiece of Verizon?s offerings to consumers (much as voice service is treated today by cable firms).

David Frendo, director of small business products and services, explained to me that small businesses (and consumers and big businesses) are buying video services (as in digital TV service) from Verizon and turning off their old fashioned dial up line credit card terminals in favor of ones that leverage high speed connections.
For doctor’s offices, mechanics and dozens of other types of businesses wherein customers endure a wait, Verizon’s video services are an ideal solution. The TV’s take their focus off of the wait time and give them some entertainment while they wait.

For those businesses using dial-up telephone lines for their credit card transaction authorizations they can save money by using credit card authorization terminals that connect over high speed connections.
Although plain old telephone service, is vanishing, your “old fashioned” telephone company will be around for a long time, changed and upgraded, selling new services for a new age of telecommunication.

What does this mean for your business?
As you are bombarded with choices to serve your telecommunication needs from your traditional telephone company, cable provider and others, know what they offer, their commitment to your business success and ensure you are getting the best value for your dollar.

Ramon Ray is the editor and tech evangelist for