The Perks of Working at Home

work from homeTechnology gives people the ability to work from home – and practically anywhere else

Working in an office can be costly and stressful for both employers and employees, but technology give many people the ability to work from home, a coffee shop or a warm beach somewhere. Here are just some of the personal and financial benefits of working away from the office.?


Reduced Office Costs?

Fewer people in the office means lower office bills for employers. You save on coffee, paper clips, phone calls, toilet paper and many other expenses. To cut costs at work, limit the number of employees working in the office at a given time by rotating your staff. You will save by operating a smaller office, and your employees will enjoy the flexibility of working from home.?

Reduced Health Insurance Costs?

Employees who have flexible schedules tend to be happier because they better balance work with errands, family obligations, exercise and rest. Happier employees means healthier employees and lower health insurance costs.?

Increased Productivity?

When workers have more time to do things for themselves, they are happier people. When people are happy, they are not only healthier, but also more productive. This leads to more work done for your company and more money saved.?


Lower Expenses?

Telecommuters save an average of $5,000 per year on fuel expenses, and they also reduce gas emissions and put far fewer miles on their cars.?

Flexible Scheduling?

Working at home may give you the ability to make your own schedule. This is a godsend when you have errands to run, children to drive around and social obligations to fill or other responsibilities. If a doctor’s appointment takes up your morning, you can just work later that evening to make up the difference. If you really want to spend an afternoon at a ballgame, you can work harder on the other days of the week. This flexibility helps you create a better work-life balance.?

Personalized Work Environment?

A busy office can be a detriment to work if the atmosphere does not match your preferred style. If you find it difficult to concentrate around chatty coworkers, buzzing copy machines and a loud cubicle mate, working at home is a chance to create a more personalized and productive environment.?

Do you work from home? Share what you love most about not being in the office with our readers in the comments section below. If you are an employer, tell us how sending employees home has benefitted your business.