Patricia A. David

Patricia A. David
Managing Director, Global Head of Diversity
JPMorgan Chase
New York City

Patricia A. David is a managing director and the global head of diversity at JPMorgan Chase & Co.? She is responsible for developing and implementing a diversity strategy for the organization in line with the business strategy. Prior to joining JPMorgan Chase, she was a managing director and the global head of diversity for Citigroup?s Institutional Clients Group, responsible for overseeing, developing and implementing the overall diversity strategy for the division. Her career in diversity came after leadership roles in technology at Citi, where she became a managing director in 2001, and at Merrill Lynch, where she worked for 10 years. She left Merrill Lynch as a vice president and financial systems manager in the technology division.
Born in England and raised in the South Bronx by parents who hailed from Dominica, David describes herself as a ?people advocate? whose motivation comes from ?an ability to help others in any way.? The desire to impact people?s lives led her to move from her highly successful career in technology into diversity. ?I enjoyed the time when part of my job was helping a person to be better as opposed to managing a project,? she explains, adding, ?if you have a dream that you cannot give to yourself, find someone that you can trust with the power to give it to you and share your dream with that person.? Accordingly, she told her manager about her desire to take on a role that had a ?bigger impact on people? and, with his recommendation, she was offered her first diversity position when that role became available.

David holds a bachelor?s degree in finance and economics, with a minor in accounting, from Fordham University. She is the recipient of the YMCA?s Black Achievers in Industry Award in 2002 and of the YWCA?s Women Achievers Award in 2005.