Partnering with a Graphic Designer? How to Choose the Right One

How to Work With a Graphic Designer

In this day and age, a business needs to have a strong brand to compete successfully. Consumers are literally bombarded with visual marketing elements every day, from logos and advertisements to product packaging. Simply put, you need to get the look right. Partnering up with a graphic designer can yield great dividends, but how do you ensure it?s a success?

  • Examine Portfolios: A designer?s portfolio gives you a very good idea of what they?re capable of, if you know how to look. Pay attention to how it?s presented because this indicates the level of pride they take in their work ? a good measure of quality. Secondly, look at each project and find out more about what was required. A beautiful logo may be nice to look at, but did it meet the needs and goals of the client? Additionally, get someone who has some experience with what you?re looking for. You don?t want to be a web designer?s first attempt at product packaging, or vice versa.?
  • Be Specific: The more you know about what you want, the easier it is for the designer to provide it. If you can, make a model or a rough sketch of what you?re looking for. It doesn?t have to be perfect, but the more examples you can provide the better. Be sure to also provide a clear vision of what you need the project for such as web vs. print, target audiences, look and feel (?edgy and hip? paints a different vision than ?clean and elegant?).?
  • You Get What You Pay For: The more experience a designer has, the more they?re likely to charge. If you?re serious about creating a brand, this isn?t the time to get cheap. However, if you?re a smart shopper, you don?t have to break the bank either. Once again, the more you know about what you?re looking to get, the better your chances of finding someone good within your budget.?