Our Africa Footprint, Planted 15 Years Ago

Two years before The Economist declared Africa ?The Hopeless Continent? in 2000, TNJ launched its ?Africa Focus? column showing an Africa on the rise. Ignoring the pervasive narrative of famine, war, disease, poverty and corruption from leading news organizations, it stuck to its message that Africa in the hands of Africans was making a steady, albeit at times tortuous, march to prosperity. In 2009, TNJ published five years? worth of these columns in the book Africa Strictly Business, The Steady March to Prosperity. Our Africa footprint has deepened considerably since 1998. Some highlights:?

Togo, December 2004.
At the invitation of the American Red Cross, TNJ traveled to Togo to observe a global campaign against childhood killer diseases. The ?Grand National Integrated Campaign: Vaccination, De-Worming, Distribution of Repellent-treated Mosquito Nets to All? was the first and largest campaign of its kind anywhere, costing some $6 million. In seven days, 1,910 vaccinators and 2,680 volunteers distributed more than 800,000 nets and vaccinated 1 million children in Togo?s cities, towns and villages.?

Senegal, February 2009. TNJ was the only media partner for ?Destination Africa: The New Capital & Investment Frontier,? a unique investment management conference held Feb. 9?11 in Dakar, Senegal. The first of its kind to take place in West Africa, the conference served as a platform to present U.S. investment managers to pension funds, disability funds and other sources of capital within Africa.?

Senegal, April 2010. TNJ was a member of the U.S. delegation that then-President Abdoulaye Wade of Senegal hosted in Dakar for three days of festivities marking Senegal?s 50th independence anniversary. The highlight of the festivities was the unveiling of the African Renaissance monument, a stunning 164-foot bronze statue whose depiction of a man, woman and child symbolizes the strength and promise of Africa.?

Cameroon, May 2010. TNJ was in the official VIP/media delegation from the United States to the ?Africa 21 Yaound? International Conference: A New Takeoff for Africa,? from May 17 to 19. Under the theme ?Africa, an Opportunity for the World: Realities and Challenges,? the conference and related festivities commemorated 50 years of independence celebrated that year by 17 African nations, including Cameroon.?

New York, September 2010. TNJ partnered with the National Minority Business Council Inc. and BNY Mellon on ?Africa: Strictly Business Forum,? a Sept. 23 program that identified and assessed best policies, best practices and best opportunities in growth industries for small and medium-sized firms in the United States and Africa, with emphasis on the ?Green? industry and clean technology.

Ghana, November 2010. TNJ launched the Africa edition of its annual 40 Under Forty Black Achievement Awards in Accra, Ghana, to recognize and honor Africa?s next generation of business and professional leaders. The goal is to showcase positive images of Africa, while recognizing and rewarding the entrepreneurial spirit and dynamism of the continent?s business and professional communities.

Senegal, December 2011. TNJ was in Dakar, Senegal, to witness African mayors and mayors of African descent from the United States, Canada, the Caribbean and Latin America explore ways to collaboratively address common social and economic challenges in their jurisdictions. The ?World Summit of Mayors Leadership Conference? was a milestone in the African Renaissance championed by former Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade.

Zimbabwe, May 2012.
TNJ was selected for the official U.S. media delegation to the Africa Travel Association?s 37th Annual Congress in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe?s ?adventure capital.? The annual congress is the travel industry?s largest gathering devoted solely to promoting tourism in Africa. It was held May 18?22, under the theme of 2012 ATA Congress, ?Africa Tourism: Partnering for the Future.???

Nigeria, June 2012. TNJ was the sole U.S. media partner for the ?4th Nigeria Development and Finance Forum (NDFF) 2013 North America Conference? in Washington, D.C., organized by Financial Nigeria International Ltd., in partnership with Nigerian Export-Import Bank, under the theme ?Leveraging Country Policy, Diaspora Participation and Frontier Investment Opportunities in Nigeria.?

U.S.-Africa, July 2012. Executive Editor Rosalind McLymont was appointed to serve on the sub-Saharan Africa Advisory Committee of the Export-Import Bank of the U.S., giving TNJ a front-row seat at the bank?s overhaul of its Africa engagement. Mandated by Congress, the committee advises the bank?s board of directors on the development and implementation of policies and programs to support the expansion of the bank?s commitments to sub-Saharan Africa under its loan, guarantee and insurance programs.