OSK Styles? Perfect Pocket Square Holder Helps Men Look Dashing

OSK StylesOmar S. Kinnebrew came up with an unique product. He handcrafted something called the Perfect Pocket Square Holder. It is a luxury pocket square holder invented to prevent pocket squares from slipping into a man?s jacket pocket. Made with a magnetic clam shell closure, the holder is designed to reduce bulge and slippage by holding any amount of fabric securely in place; finished off with a suede shell.

Kinnebrew, who founded OSK Styles, hit the iNternet to raise funds for OSK Styles? first product. He recently completed a 30-day Kickstarter campaign with donations amounting in $5,334, exceeding his initial goal. The Kickstarter campaign was launched to aid in the costs for manufacturing high volumes of product.

Kinnebrew told TNJ.com more about his new invention and company.

TNJ.com: What made you want to do the Kickstarter campaign?
Omar S. Kinnebrew: After testing the market for proof of concept, it was time for the first round of funding to get my inaugural production run completed. I wanted to go the way of crowd funding and chose Kickstarter due to the reward clause and all or nothing scenario. If I didn’t reach 100 percent funding, then I would get $0. That was enough motivation to push me to reach 106 percent of my funding goal.

TNJ.com: How did you come up with the idea the Perfect Pocket Square Holder?

O.K.: I knew that a “pocket square holder” existed because someone mentioned it to me before. However, I was having an extremely difficult time finding one on the Internet. Finally I found and purchased a holder, but quickly discovered that it was not entirely solving my problem. I needed a holder that was lightweight, flexible, sleek, stylish, durable, practical, allowed the fabric to span across the entire pocket and fit in every suit/vest/blazer. From that point, I went out to purchase materials, taught myself how to use a sewing machine and went on to create the Perfect Pocket Square Holder!

TNJ.com: What is your vision for the holder?

O.K.: My vision is simple, to equip every gentleman with a Perfect Pocket Square Holder of their own. We all run into the same issue of keeping our handkerchief in place all day, so here is an easy solution. This goal with be accomplished through direct selling, industry partnerships, luxury shops and retail distribution.

TNJ.com: What has the response been?

O.K.: The response has been overwhelmingly positive! Through market testing and customer engagement, I found that my invention is solving a major problem among fashionable gents. The product looks good, works very well and is set at an unbeatable price point.

TNJ.com: What has been the most challenging aspect of the startup?
O.K.: The biggest hurdle I face is always dealing with production. This is an invention I started out making by hand and I have gone through a plethora of manufacturers who either cannot make it all, can not produce large quantities, or cannot create a quality looking holder. This hinders my supply and what I am able to provide to the marketplace. Fortunately, I have been working with a U.S. based manufacturer that will complete the first production run in early October. This will be just in time to fulfill the Kickstarter campaign rewards.

TNJ.com: Is this your full-time venture?
O.K.: Not at all. It’s not at the point of a full-time scenario; but maybe one day. I currently work as a sales manager for a major provider of integrated communications.

TNJ.com: What has been your biggest business lesson so far?

O.K.: I learned very early to be strategic in who and how I give away my product; and also where I showcase. Because it costs for both avenues I need to touch upon my target market. Yes, it makes sense to give away product at time, but it needs to be gifted to men and women of style, influence and who can spread the word or pass along to help the brand grow. Similarly, it’s a high cost to participate as a vendor in most events and if the turnout is not large enough, or the audience does not coincide with the target market; you’re looking at a sunk cost.